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About the Partnership Program

The Partnership Program gives a full-tuition scholarship to students during their time in seminary and a stewardship education that will be used for a lifetime.  This allows students to secure a world-class theological education and enter ministry less burdened by educational debt.

The years spent in seminary are some of the most important for preparing academically and spiritually for future Christian service.  It helps to have friends and family who affirm the student’s call and the Partnership Program creates an opportunity for friends and family to support the student both financially and spiritually.

While the student is at seminary, family and friends and a sending church can share in the seminary experience through prayer and financial support.  In addition, the student will gain practical ministry skills and receive education and experience in applying biblical stewardship principles.  These components are important for future service in Christian leadership and service.

Our hope is that the students will emerge from the program prepared for a lifetime of fruitful ministry, surrounded by a network of support, equipped with fundraising and stewardship skills, and free from unnecessary debt.