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Dimensions of the Faith for iTunes, iPad, and iPhone

The Dimensions of the Faith courses are now available on the new Apple iTunes U platform making the content easy to download on iTunes.  Additionally, there is a new friendly interface for these courses on the iPad and iPhone and iPod.  The instructions below will show you how to access these new features.

iTunes on Your Computer

To add the Dimensions of the Faith class materials to iTunes on your computer, you can visit our individual course pages and click on the iTunesU link.

Alternatively, if you visit the iTunes store and search for "Dimensions of the Faith," the courses will appear under the iTunes U Courses list.  Subscribing to the course will make them availiable for you in iTunes.

Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod

  1. On your device, visit the App Store and search for the official "iTunes U" App from Apple.
  2. Once the App has downloaded, open the app and click on the "Catalog" button.
  3. Use the search feature (located at the bottom of the screen) and search for "Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary."
  4. All Dimensions of the Faith courses will appear in the "Courses" section.
  5. Select your course and click "Subscribe for Free" and then "Get Course" to have the course added to your course library.

Other Mobile Devices

Dimensions of the Faith materials are currently offered in standard MP3 and PDF formats, which are compatible with most mobile devices. Visit our individual course pages from your computer and click "download full course."  Unzip the downloaded folder and add the materials to your mobile device using the standard methods for your particlar device.  These methods vary significantly between devices so we suggest you follow your manufacturers guide as we regretfully cannot provide technical support for these transfers.