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Login Information: Please keep this information in a place you will remember – you will need it to make edits on your posting later.

Job Type: Please be sure to select “Ministry,” regardless of job descriptions.


Hours per week: This is a required field. Please give us your closest approximate range.

Position Description: Please be as specific as you can.  What are the specific requirements, qualifications and expectations of this position? If you are posting from a church, it would be good to include some information about your church, as well as the job description, so that potential applicants can get a better feel for your church culture and context. The more specific you are, the better chance you have of recruiting exactly the right applicants.  

Processing Time: Once the posting is submitted, our office will take a few hours to a day to proofread it and approve it before putting it up live. During the processing time, you will not be able to search for the posting or view it.

Support Raising Positions: Gordon-Conwell greatly values the ministries and integral, ongoing involvement of parachurch organizations in helping fulfill the Great Commission around the world. While our professional ministry positions web site,, focuses on paid, part and/or full-time church and ministry positions, we acknowledge the needs and desires of parachurch ministries to make their wonderful opportunities known, as well. However, since real and potential parachurch ministry opportunities can be as vast as there are opportunities to raise support, for the sake of maintaining the paid-position focus of our web site, it is GCTS’s policy to limit the number of postings that parachurch ministries may put on our web site to two. Usually only one posting is sufficient for a parachurch to ministry introduce itself. Within the posting viewers may be invited to visit the ministry’s web site and to acquaint themselves with the variety of support-raising based opportunities that they offer.

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God’s blessings on your search!