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Your Ministry Portfolio

What is a Ministry Portfolio?
A Ministry Portfolio is a packet of information that will tell employers who you are, where you have been, and what you have done. A Ministry Portfolio may include items such as your resume, cover letter, ministry vision statement, personal photos, letters of recommendation, statement of faith and theology, examples of past performance, and more.

Why a Ministry Portfolio?

A Ministry Portfolio is important for several reasons:

First, a quality portfolio will immediately communicate that you are a self-starter. By providing a neat, cohesive package about yourself and your experience, you are telling employers that you have initiative and organization.

Second, your portfolio will tell a search committee that you are a person of purpose with a well-defined vision, a theological position, and a set of goals. These strong leadership qualities will speak volumes.

Third, your portfolio makes the search committee's job easier. Their main goal is to find out about you. By laying out before them yourself, your work, your experience, etc., you become more attractive to them. They will appreciate your openness and will note that you have nothing to hide!

Finally, your portfolio allows you to have a prepared first impression. A search committee's first in-depth experience with you will be what they see in your portfolio, which you will have spent hours preparing and perfecting.

What should I include in my portfolio?

Most churches and ministries will want as much information about a candidate as possible. Even if employers don't want it and don't read it, you've communicated that you are open and willing to be scrutinized. Your portfolio may include resume, cover letter, statement of faith (your beliefs on essential doctrines), statement of your theological position (your beliefs on nonessential doctrines), your ministry vision statement, letters of recommendation, personal/family photo, and examples of your work, achievements, strengths, etc. (see below).

About your examples...
A good question to ask yourself when compiling your portfolio is, "What am I good at? Where do my strengths lie?" If you excel in writing children's curriculum, include an example of what you've written. If you're a strong preacher, include a tape, outline, or notes of a message you've preached. If you enjoy discipling teens, share your philosophy of discipleship, including stories of how your philosophy has played out in real life examples. Perhaps, have a teen you've discipled share about your relationship from his/her perspective. Anything you can provide to show a church your strengths and passions will make a strong portfolio. It is very important to portray yourself as accurately as possible. Have someone who knows you well read over your portfolio to see if it indeed reflects who you are.

What should be the format of my Ministry Portfolio?

A Ministry Portfolio should be neatly assembled. Find a notebook or binder with a professional appearance in which to present your information. Print your various documents on quality paper, coordinating the color and feel. A Ministry Portfolio should not be cluttered or flashy. A neat, professional, classy appearance will get the attention