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Action Verbs

The verbs you choose to describe your achievements and experience communicate a lot about you! Your resume should tell a potential employer that you are a person of action who takes initiative and makes things happen! Some verbs are inherently more passive than others, subtly implying that your achievements have been half-hearted or feebly accomplished. Look at the following example:

Passive Verb - "....led a Bible Study for Junior High youth group."

Action Verb - "... created, planned, and implemented a Bible Study for Junior High youth group."

The right verbs can provide unquestionable professionalism and confidence to your resume. They also give employers better information, because they're more specific in nature. Use them to your advantage! However, don't sacrifice the flow of your resume just for verbs! If they don't sound natural and flow easily, leave them out. Action verbs are a subtle asset that should complement your achievements, not detract from them.

Download your list of action verbs!

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