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Resume Builder Step 1: Where do I begin?

So how should you begin? Start with a brainstorming session. Ask yourself good questions, such as:

    What is my history?
    What jobs have I held?
    What did I do in those jobs?
    What skills do I possess?
    What are my strengths?
    What is my education?
    What degrees have I earned?
    What accomplishments am I proud of?
    What unique experiences have I had?
    What do I want to communicate about myself to a potential employer?
    How has my past qualified me for the position I am applying for?

If you're having difficulty determining your strengths and accomplishments, have a friend or family member brainstorm with you. Once you know what you want to say, your task is to present it attractively. Remember that a resume must be crafted with the audience in mind. The right credentials are only an asset if they are presented well! The most common type of resume is a Chronological Resume. This is the format that lists your education and experience in reverse chronological order. This is most commonly preferred among employers.