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About the Study Guide

The study guide is designed as a scratch notepad to be used as you listen to the accompanying lectures. You may have noticed that we have used the drawings of Leonardo DaVinci as a motif for our materials. Just as DaVinci sketched out his unformed ideas in the process of creating a final painting, so we invite you to sketch out your own thoughts in the notebook while you listen to the lectures. Each chapter includes valuable information and questions for you to ponder while you listen. Use the designated white areas and borders as your opportunity to interact with what you are learning.

BREADTH of Biblical Knowledge:

Grasp the Big Picture

In the Breadth section of each lesson, a broad picture is painted of the lesson material to provide general orientation and to whet your appetite for study. This is done through a brief introductory paragraph that sets the stage for the lesson at hand.

HEIGHT of Biblical Knowledge:

Grow in Your Knowledge of the Content
In the Height section of each lesson, you are guided in making notes on the content of the lecture. This section will help you grasp the “meat” of the lesson lecture – giving you a basic understanding in the areas of Scripture, Theology, Church History, and Missions.

WIDTH of Biblical Knowledge:

Expand Your Understanding Through Enlarging Your Vocabulary
In the Width section of each lesson, key terms that pertain to the current lesson, terms that may be unfamiliar to you, are defined. As you learn these terms throughout a course, your ability to understand and work with the material will be enhanced.

LENGTH of Biblical Knowledge:

Correct Understanding Stretches You to Obedience and Service
In the Length section of each lesson, you are challenged to move from understanding to application. You have taken the time to learn and understand the material in the lesson, and now it is time to think about how it is relative to your life, your world, and your situation.

DEPTH of Biblical Knowledge:

Use Resources to Grow Deeper
In the Depth section of each lesson, you are given guidance concerning further study of ideas relevant to the lesson topic. There is always more to learn on any topic, and so these questions and resources provide guidance that will help you dig deeper in your studies.