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Alan "Blues" Baker (D. Min. '97)

Alumnus Alan "Blues" Baker served the U.S. Navy as a chaplain. Listen as Alan shares his experiences in the military and gives advice for churches that want to welcome military families. (Video)

Vazhayil Babu (MAME '10)

"My life is very busy, but it is beautiful," says Vazhayil Babu. This October on his schedule, Babu travels to India. Pray that hearts and minds will be open to the gospel. (Video)

Casey Barton (M.Div. '03; ThM '03)

Alumnus Casey Barton shares his experiences working at a multi-cultural church and some of his memories as a student at Gordon-Conwell. (Video)

Doug Birdsall (M.Div. '79)

Listen in as Dr. Doug Birdsall tells how cross-cultural experiences shaped him for a new role at American Bible Society, and how Gordon-Conwell prepared him with a foundation for a lifetime of work. (Video)

Diana Bennett (MATS '96; D.Min. '06)

After reflecting on her journey through seminary, alumnus Diana Bennett talks about her passion for discipleship and spiritual formation. (Video)

Paul Borthwick (M.Div. '80; D.Min. '07)

We talk with Dr. Paul Borthwick, professor at Gordon College and on staff with Development Associates International about how his experience at Gordon-Conwell equipped him for a lifetime of missions work. (Video)

David Choi (M.Div. '00)

Alumnus David Choi is an active member of the Lausanne Movement for World Evangelization and is an international speaker, having spoken in countries throughout the world. Currently he is pastor of a multi-ethnic church in the city of Chicago called Church of the Beloved. (Video)

Lorrie Comeford (M.Div. '08)

We talk with Dr. Lorrie Comeford, professor at Salem State University and Assistant Pastor for Adult Learning at First Baptist Church of Reading, about her experiences as a bi-vocational pastor. (Video)

Laurel Coolbaugh (M.Div. '08)

Alumnus Laurel Coolbaugh shares about her experience as the solo pastor at a small church and her hopes for the D.Min. residency she is now pursuing. (Video)

Steve Dabbs (M.Div. 1998)

Steven Dabbs joined the Army Reserves after high school and served 10 years before becoming a military chaplain. (Print)

Kevin DeYoung (M.Div. '02)

Listen in as Kevin DeYoung describes experiences built on the foundation of relationships for accountability and encouragement. (Video)

Nick Gatzke (M.Div. '06)

Alumnus Nick Gatzke shares his passion for the local church and preaching. (Video)

Anatoliy Glukhovskyy (D.Min. '07)

Alumnus Anatoliy Glukhovskyy is president of Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary in Kiev. His study focused on Redemptive Leadership and Organizational Leadership within the Church. With 20 years of ministry under his belt, Dr. Glukhovskyy shares about the influence that Gordon-Conwell has on his current work in Ukraine. (Video)

Cory Hartman (M.Div. '03)

Listen in as Cory Hartman shares a heartfelt reflection on the greatest joy he's experienced in ministry. (Video)

Paul Hoffman (M.Div. '03)

Alumnus Paul Hoffman, Senior Pastor of Evangelical Friends Church, Newport, RI shares his vision for the gospel taking hold in Newport county. (Video)

Keum Ju (Jewel) Hyun (MANT '01, D.Min. '05)

Jewel Hyun spent more than 25 years in the financial services industry. She is founder and President of Matthew 28 Ministries (M28M) and has been training women for leadership in partnership with St. Paul's University (SPU) in Limuru, Kenya. (Print)

Pete James (M.Div. '70)

Pete James, Senior Pastor at Vienna Presbyterian Church, talks about memories of his time at Gordon-Conwell and reminds us that "…ministry is incredibly messy…and God is wonderfully able to redeem the mess of our lives." Listen in and be encouraged. (Video)

Mardochee Nadoumngar (D.Min. '12)

Alumni Mardochee Nadoumngar is both an associate pastor at a local church and the president of Shalom Evangelical school of Theology in N'Djamena. Chad. The focus of his dissertation was mobilizing the Chadian church to understand and treat alcoholism. (Video)

David Ro (M.Div. '96)

Listen to David Ro share about his ministry since graduating from Gordon Conwell. (Video)

Duffy Robbins (M.Div. '76) & Walt Mueller (M.Div. '86; D.Min. '05)

Alumni Walt Mueller and Duffy Robbins have worked together to equip and serve youth and youth workers for over 25 years. Though they graduated at different times, their ministry is based on shared values of theological education and youth culture. (Video)

Rachel Stahle (MATH '94) 

Dr. Rachel Stahle is pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Towanda, PA. (Print)

Kenneth Swetland (M.Div. '64)

Dr. Swetland is Senior Professor of Ministry, Senior Fellow – Ockenga Institute, and Senior Mentor – DMin Program for GCTS. Through Oasis, a support ministry for alumni, Dr. Swetland provides individual counsel to pastors and other graduates who are facing a crisis.(Print) 

Stephen Um (M.Div. '94; ThM '98)

We talk with Dr. Stephen Um, pastor at Citylife Presbyterian Church located in downtown Boston about his hopes for the church plant he pastors and his road to seminary. (Video)

Doug Pratt (M.Div. '79)

Dr. Doug Pratt is Senior Pastor/Head of Staff at First Presbyterian Church of Bonita Springs, FL. (Print)

Rich Van Pelt (M.Div. '73)

We interview youth advocate and Compassion storyteller Rich Van Pelt about his life after Gordon-Conwell. (Video)

Virginia Ward (MAYM '10)

Virginia Ward is the associate Pastor of Abundant Life Church, MA and the director of Black Campus Ministries New England for Intervarsity. Listen to how her education from Gordon-Conwell has impacted her ministry over the last years. (Video) 

Mary Willson (M.Div. '09; ThM '10)

We look into the life of Mary Willson who currently leads Women in Ministry at her church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (Video)

Ben Witherington (M.Div. '77)

Dr. Ben Witherington is Amos Professor of New Testament for Doctoral Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary. (Video)

Stephen Witmer (M.Div. '03; ThM '03) 

Stephen Witmer is passionate about biblical theology and loves the church he serves. After graduating from Gordon-Conwell, Stephen completed Ph.D. studies in New Testament. Stephen serves the Church as a professor and pastor. He recently wrote a book in which he seeks to show how and why the new creation is relevant today. (Print)