Alumni Authors

The following books were written by Gordon-Conwell alumni. Recent releases are listed on this page. Click on the decades below to view the books written by alumni who graduated in that decade.  You also may look up specific names using the "find" function on your keyboard.  Books with links are available at our online store in partnership with Christian Book Distributors (CBD). Don't see your book?  Fill out the Alumni Authors Submission Form. To donate a copy of your book to the Alumni Library, contact us here.

Note: The views expressed in these publications are not necessarily the views of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

More titles by alumni are listed under their corresponding year of graduation:

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2010s new release

Kate (KD) Johnson (MAR 2010)

  • God's Got a Method (Emiaj & Marimae Publishing, 2017)

John Greco (M.Div. 2011)

Stephen Hiemstra (M.Div. 2013)

  • Called Along the Way (T2Pneuma Publishers LLC, 2017)

C. Lynn Brinkley (D.Min. 2014)

  • (Recent listing) Manners and Money: A Manual on Preaching Etiquette (Nurturing Faith Inc., 2015)

George Hammond (D.Min. 2014)

Sarah Shin (MATH 2017)

Hye Kyung Yoon (Hong) (D.Min. 2017)

  • Strategics of Senior Adult Ministry for Immigrant Korean-American Churches through Christian Education and Counseling (Published D.Min. thesis, 2017)


2000s new release

Jennifer Trafton (MATH 2000)

  • Henry and the Chalk Dragon (Rabbit Room Press, 2017)

Michael Ayayo (M.Div. 2001)

  • Thinking about Adoption: A Practical and Theological Handbook for Christians Discerning the Call to Parent by Adoption (with Karelynne Gerber Ayayo, Cascade Books, 2017)

Michael Balboni (Th.M. 2001)

  • Spirituality and Religion Within the Culture of Medicine (co-edited with J. R. Peteet, Oxford University Press, 2017)

Matthew Kim (M.Div. 2002)

Casey C. Barton (M.Div. 2003; Th.M. 2003)

  • Preaching Through Time: Anachronism as a Way Forward for Preaching (Cascade Books, 2017)

Lubomir Ondrasek (M.Div. 2003)

  • Krest'anstvo, etika a verejny zivot [Christianity, Ethics, and Public Life] (Vydavatel'stvo Michala Vaska, 2017)

Jim Gulledge (D.Min. 2004)

  • A Poor Man's Supper (Deer Hawk Publications, 2017)

Jonathan A. Moo (MAOT 2004; MANT 2004)

Mark A. Jennings (MABL 2005)

  • The Price of Partnership in the Letter of Paul to the Philippians: "Make My Joy Complete" (T&T Clark, 2018)

Michael P. Friday (D.Min. 2007)

  • And Lead Us Not Into Dysfunction: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Church Organizations and Their Leaders (Wipf & Stock, 2017)

Ryan Lokkesmoe (MANT 2008)

Kwang Hyun Cho (Th.M. 2009)

  • Paul's Community Formation Preaching in 1 Thessalonians: An Alternative to the New Homiletic (Peter Lang International Academic Publishers, 2017)


1990s new release

Karelynne Gerber Ayayo (MAME 1999, MANT 1999)

  • Thinking about Adoption: A Practical and Theological Handbook for Christians Discerning the Call to Parent by Adoption (with Michael Ayayo, Cascade Books, 2017)

Christopher Hutchinson (M.Div. 1995)

  • Rediscovering Humility: Why the Way Up is Down (New Growth Press, 2018)

Ken Shigematsu (M.Div. 1995)

1980s new release

Kevin Yoho (M.Div. 1981)

Scott M. Gibson (M.Div. 1983) 

David A. Currie (M.Div. 1984)

Kenneth J. Barnes (MATS 1989)


1970s new release

Jeffrey J. Niehaus (M.Div. 1979)


1960s new release