Alumni Authors

The following books were written by Gordon-Conwell alumni.  Click on the decades below to view the books written by alumni who graduated in that decade.  You also may look up specific names using the "find" function on your keyboard.  Books with links are available at our online store in partnership with Christian Book Distributors (CBD). Don't see your book?  Fill out the Alumni Authors Submission Form. If you would like to donate a copy of your book to our Alumni Library, contact us here.

Note: The views expressed in these publications are not necessarily the views of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.




John Evans (M.Div. 1970)

  • A Breath of Fresh Prayer (Brentwood Christian Press, 2000)
  • Problem Solving Prayer (Brentwood Christian Press, 2007)
  • A Forgiving Heart (Brentwood Christian Press, 2009)

W. Robert Godfrey (M.Div. 1970)

Leslie Howe (MTS 1970)

  • Hatshepsut: The Pharaoh's Daughter (Kindle, 2012)
  • NewCorina of Damascus: A Tale of Naaman, the Leper (Kindle, 2017)

Woodrow Kroll (M.Div. 1970)

Bill Powell (MRE 1970)

  • Boundaries, Dominion and Joy, Oh Boy: Life as God Intended it to Be (Prazye Publishing, 2008)

Nigel Scotland (M.Div. 1970)

  • Charismatics and the New Millennium (Eagle, 2000)
  • Sectarian Religion in Contemporary Britain (Paternoster, 2000)
  • Evangelical Anglicans in a Revolutionary Age, 1789-1901 (Paternoster, 2004)
  • The Baker Pocket Guide to New Religions (Baker Books, 2006)
  • Squires in the Slums: Settlements and Missions in Late Victorian Britain (I.B.Tauris, 2007)
  • Apostles of the Spirit and Fire: American Revivalists and Victorian Britain (Wipf & Stock, 2009)
  • Travel Through Rome: City of Empire, Christendom and Culture (Day One Publications, 2011)
  • Christianity Outside the Box: Learning from Those Who Rocked the Boat (Wipf & Stock, 2012)
  • The Supper: Cranmer and Communion (The Latimer Trust, 2013)
  • NewThe New Passover: Rethinking the Lord's Supper for Today (Cascade Books, 2016)

William D. Spencer (1970)

  • Name in the Papers (Helping Hands Press, 2013)

Roy W. Johnsen (M.Div. 1971)

  • Break it Down and Make it Plain (AuthorHouse, 2013)

Christopher Kaiser (M.Div. 1971)

  • Seeing the Lord's Glory: Kyriocentric Visions and the Dilemma of Early Christology (Fortress Press, 2014)

David McDowell (M.Div. 1971)

  • Beyond the Halfway Covenant: Solomon Stoddard's Understanding of the Lord's Supper as a Converting Ordinance (Wipf & Stock, 2012)

Paul Smith (M.Div. 1971)

  • Jesus, Meet Him Again for the First Time (Vision House, 1994)
  • Close Encounters: Knowing the Savior (Vision House, 1995)
  • Enjoying God Forever: Westminster Confession (Foundations of the Faith) (Moody Press, 1998)
  • God's Plan for Our Good: Romans 8:28 (Foundations of the Faith) (Moody Press, 2000)

David Steele (M.Div. 1971)

  • Religion, The Missing Dimension of Statecraft (Oxford University Press, 1995)

John Jefferson Davis (M.Div. 1972)

Steve Mosher (M.Div. 1972)

  • God's Power, Jesus' Faith, and World Mission: A Study in Romans (Herald Press, 1996)

David Biebel (MTS 1973; D.Min. 1986)

  • How to Help a Heartbroken Friend: What to Do and What to Say When a Friend Is Going Through Tough Times (Hope Publishing House, 2004)
  • Pastors are People Too (Regal Books, 1986)
  • Laughing in the Face of AIDS: A Surgeon's Personal Battle (Baker Book House, 1992)
  • The Radon Files (The Rocky Mountain Dossier) (Fleming H Revell Co, 1993)
  • The Steeple Chase: A Novel (The Rocky Mountain Dossier, Book 2) (Fleming H Revell Co, 1994)
  • The Sterilization Option: A Guide for Christians (Baker Pub Group, 1995)
  • Life and Death Decisions: Help in Making Tough Choices About Infertility, Abortion, Birth Defects, And AIDS (Baker Pub Group, 1996)
  • When AIDS comes Home (Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1996)
  • Jonathan: You Left Too Soon (Baker Pub Group, 1997)
  • More Life & Death Decisions: Help in Making Tough Choices About Care for the Elderly, Euthanasia, and Medical Treatment Options (Baker Pub Group, 1997)
  • Romancing Your Child's Heart Manual (Multnomah Books, 2003)
  • New Light on Depression: Help, Hope, and Answers for the Depressed and Those Who Love Them (Zondervan, 2004)
  • Finding Your Way After the Suicide of Someone You Love (Zondervan, 2005)
  • Simple Health (Siloam Press, 2005)
  • If God Is So Good, Why Do I Hurt So Bad? (Revell, 2005)
  • 70 Ways to Beat 70: Keys to a Longer, Healthier Life (Revell, 2008)
  • 50 Ways to Feel Great Today: Keys to Beating Stress, Worry, and the Blues (Revell, 2009)
  • Your Mind at Its Best: 40 Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp (Revell, 2010)

Stephen A. Hayner (Th.M. 1973)

Larry Burd (M.Div. 1973)

  • NewThe Invisible Hand of God at Work: An Extraordinary God Experienced in an Ordinary Life (Living Parables of Central Florida Inc., 2016)

James Patterson (M.Div. 1973)

Gary Pratico (M.Div. 1973)

Michael Rogers (MTS 1973; Th.M. 1974)

George Steffey (M.Div. 1973)

  • NewCourage to Surrender: A Journey to Meaning and Hope (Inspiring Voices, 2016)

Richard Van Pelt (M.Div. 1973)

Glenn Havumaki (M.Div. '74)

  • Trash or Treasure? A Short, Practical Theology of Aging (Xulon Press, 2012)

Harry J. Heintz (M.Div. 1974)

  • A Great Cloud of Witnesses

Gordon Hugenberger (M.Div. 1974)

  • Marriage as a Covenant: A Study of Biblical Law and Ethics Governing Marriage, Developed from the Perspective of Malachi (Baker, 1998)
  • The Lord’s Prayer: A Guide for the Perplexed (Park Street Church, 1999)

Diane Poythress (MTS 1974)

Margaret Rinck (MRE 1974)

Dick Staub (M.Div. 1974)

Clint Taber (MTS 1974)

  • Earth's Final Dawn (Xulon Press, 2011)

Larry Armstrong (M.Div. 1975)

  • Patience: Harvesting the Spirit's Fruit (FaithProbe Publications, 2009)
  • The Good News Reader (FaithProbe Publications, 2011)
  • In the Shadow with Jesus: A Look at the High Priestly Prayer of John 17 (FaithProbe Publications, 2011)

William Bronson (MTS 1975)

  • How to Get to Heaven (Bronson Enterprises LLC, 2009)
  • The Joy of Flying (Cornelius Press, 2011)
  • The Old Old Story [Kindle] (Cornelius Press, 2011)

Adele Ahlberg Calhoun (MATS 1975)

Robert French (M.Div. 1975)

  • Diving for Pearls in God's Word (Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc., 2000)
  • Keys to the Bible's Treasurers (Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc., 2000)
  • When People Disagree (Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc., 2002)
  • Discovery Guide for Exodus (Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc., 2004)
  • Discovery Guide for Genesis, Second Edition (Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc., 2010)
  • Discovery Guide for Paul's Letter to the Galatians (Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc., 2004)
  • Discovery Guide for the Gospel of John (Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc., 2006)
  • Discovery Guide for Ephesians (Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc., 2007)
  • Discovery Guide for the Life of Jesus (Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc., 2008)
  • Discovery Guide to Basic Discipleship (Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc., 2008)

Ron Gleason (M.Div. 1975)

Kathy Keller (MATS 1975) 

Timothy Keller (M.Div. 1975)

Jimmy Long (M.Div. 1975; D.Min. 1996)

Robert Lowery (Th.M. 1975)

Roy Miller (M.Div. 1975)

David Reid (MTS 1975)

  • Devotions For Growing Christians (BookSurge Publishing, 2006)
  • Thoughts For Growing Christians (BookSurge Publishing, 2006)

Anna Trimiew (MTS 1975)

  • Bible Almanac: People, Places, and Events in the Bible (Publications International, Ltd., 1997)

Norman Anderson (M.Div. 1976)

  • Tools for Bibliographical and Background Research on the New Testament, 2nd Ed. (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, 1987)

Duffy Robbins (M.Div. 1976)

Dana Roberts (MTS 1976)

  • The Secrets of Watchman Nee (Bridge-logos Publishing, 2005)
  • Seeing the Unseen: Educating in the Twilight Zone of God's Glory (Xulon Press, 2010)

Mark Shaw (MTS 1976)

Gayle Somers (MTS 1976)

  • Genesis Part I: God and His Creation (Emmaus Road Publishing, 2004)
  • Genesis Part II: God and His Family (Emmaus Road Publishing, 2006)

Leonard Bartlotti (M.Div. 1977)

  • Rohi Mataluna: Pashto Proverbs (Resource Publications/Wipf & Stock, 2006)

John D. Currid (MATS 1977)

David Faulkner (M.Div. 1977)

  • The Gospel According to Job: Good News from the Old Testament (WinePress Publishing, 2013)

George Hancock- Stefan (M.Div. 1977)

  • Three Views on Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism (Zondervan, 2004)

David Horner (M.Div. 1977)

John Kilner (M.Div. 1977)

  • Life on the Line: Ethics, Aging, Ending Patients' Lives, and Allocating Vital Resources (Eerdmans, 1992)
  • Who Lives? Who Dies? Ethical Criteria in Patient Selection (Yale University Press, 1992)
  • Bioethics and the Future of Medicine (Eerdmans, 1995)
  • Dignity and Dying (Eerdmans, 1996)
  • Genetic Ethics (Eerdmans, 1997)
  • The Changing Face of Health Care (Eerdmans, 1998)
  • Basic Questions on Alternative Medicine: What Is Good and What Is Not? (Kregel Publications, 1998)
  • Basic Questions on End of Life Decisions: How Do We Know What's Right? (Kregel Publications, 1998)
  • Basic Questions on Reproductive Technology: When Is It Right to Intervene? (Kregel Publications, 1998)
  • Basic Questions on Suicide and Euthanasia: Are They Ever Right? (Kregel Publications, 1998)
  • The Reproduction Revolution (Eerdmans, 1999)
  • Cutting-Edge Bioethics (Eerdmans, 2002)
  • Basic Questions on Genetics, Stem Cell Research and Cloning: Are These Technologies Okay to Use? (Kregel Publications, 2002)
  • Does God Need Our Help? Cloning, Assisted Suicide, and Other Challenges in Bioethics (Tyndale House Publishers, 2003)
  • Basic Questions on Healthcare: What Should Good Care Include? (Kregel Publications, 2004)
  • Biotechnology and the Human Good (Georgetown University Press, 2007)
  • Dignity and Destiny: Humanity in the Image of God (WM. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2015)

Gary Scott Smith (M.Div. 1977)

Robert Swanson (M.Div. 1977)

  • The Bible Reader's Companion (Amazon, 2013)

Jack Wald (M.Div. 1977; D.Min. 2015)

  • NewA Guide to International Church Ministry: Pastoring a Parade (self-published, 2016)

Ben Witherington III (M.Div. 1977)

Ed Kenerson (MRE 1978)

  • Reaching Teenagers For Christ: The Cheshire Teens Story (Xulon Press, 2008)
  • The Cabin in the Woods: A Country Boy Learns about Life and God (Xulon Press, 2008)
  • The Consecrated Runner: A Practical Guide For Running Your Spiritual Races With God (Free Christian Publishing, 2014)
  • From Cabin To College: More "Cabin in the Woods" Adventures (Free Christian Publishing, 2015)
  • Learning To Walk: Decision Follow-Up For Teenage Believers (Free Christian Publishing, 2015)
  • NewLearning to Follow: Decision Follow -up Series for New Believers (Free Christian Publishing, 2015)
  • NewEddie's Elementary Adventures: A look at life and God from a kid's point of view (Free Christian Publishing, 2015)
  • NewHow to Survive the Spiritual Jungle (Free Christian Publishing, 2016)
  • NewThe Adventures of Joe Worm: "Hidden Gold" (Free Christian Publishing, 2016)
  • NewFundamentals: God's Basic Design for Spiritual Maturity (Free Christian Publishing, 2017)

Douglas Rumford (M.Div. 1978)

  • What about Spiritual Warfare? (Tyndale House Publishers, 2000)

George Sarris (M.Div. 1978)

  • NewHeaven's Doors...Wider Than You Ever Believed! (GWS Publishing, 2017)

Ron Smith (M.Div. 1978)

Yusuf Turaki (MATS 1978)

  • Confronting Kingdom Challenges: A Call to Global Christians to Carry the Burden Together (Crossway Books, 2007)

Alan Bauer (M.Div. 1979)

  • The End: A Reader's Guide to Revelation (Square Halo Books, 1997)
  • The Beginning: A Second Look at the First Sin (Square Halo Books, 2004)

Edward Brown (M.Div. 1979)

Robert (Bob) Hager (M.Div. 1979)

Jerry Camery-Hoggatt (MATS 1979)

  • Grapevine: The Spirituality of Gossip (Herald Press, 2002)
  • Irony in Mark's Gospel: Text and Subtext (Cambridge University Press, 2005)
  • Speaking of God: Reading and Preaching the Word of God (Wipf & Stock Publishers, 2006)
  • Giver of Gifts (Revell, 2007)
  • Reading the Good Book Well: A Guide to Biblical Interpretation (Abingdon Press, 2007)
  • When Mother Was Eleven-Foot-Four, Children's Edition (Revell, 2007)
  • My Mother's Wish (WaterBrook Press, 2008)

David Hansen (M.Div. 1979)

  • The Art of Pastoring (InterVarsity Press, 1994)
  • A Little Handbook on Having a Soul (InterVarsity Press, 1997)
  • The Power of Loving Your Church: Leading Through Acceptance and Grace (Bethany House Publishers, 1998)
  • Long Wandering Prayer: An Invitation to Walk With God (The Bible Reading Fellowship, 2002)

Fred A. Hartley (M.Div. 1979)

Cliffe Knechtle (M.Div. 1979)

Robert Metzger (M.Div. 1979)

  • Automatic AlgoriTh.M. Recognition and Replacement (MIT Press, 2000)
  • Debugging by Thinking: A Multidisciplinary Approach (Elsevier Digital Press, 2004)

Jeffrey Niehaus (M.Div. 1979)

Richard Robinson (M.Div. 1979)

Samuel Serio (M.Div. 1979)

Eric Sweitzer (MTS 1979)

  • The Perfect Alibi: Freedom from the Drive for Personal Perfection (Lulu, 2006)
James Tasker (M.Div. 1979)