Alumni Authors

The following books were written by Gordon-Conwell alumni.  Click on the decades below to view the books written by alumni who graduated in that decade.  You also may look up specific names using the "find" function on your keyboard.  Books with links are available at our online store in partnership with Christian Book Distributors (CBD). Don't see your book?  Fill out the Alumni Authors Submission Form. If you would like to donate a copy of your book to our Alumni Library, contact us here.

Note: The views expressed in these publications are not necessarily the views of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.




Morris Inch (M.Div. 1951)

  • The Ethics of Servetus' Martyrdom (Gordon Divinity School, 1951)
  • Teaching about Religion in the Public Schools of the United States (1955)
  • Psychology in the Psalms: A Portrait of Man in God's World (Word Books, 1969)
  • Christianity Without Walls (Creation House, 1972)
  • Paced by God (Word Books, 1973)
  • Celebrating Jesus as Lord (Moody Press, 1974)
  • Interpreting the Word of God (Moody Press, 1976)
  • Understanding Bible Prophecy (Harper & Row, 1977)
  • The Evangelical Challenge (Westminster Press, 1978)
  • Jews and Evangelicals: A Breech Born in Heaven? (1979)
  • Doing Theology Across Cultures (Baker Book House, 1982)
  • The Living and Active Word of God: Studies in Honor of Samuel J. Schultz (Eisenbrauns, 1983)
  • Saga of the Spirit: A Biblical [sic], Systematic, and Historical Theology of the Holy Spirit (Baker Book House, 1985)
  • Making the Good News Relevant: Keeping the Gospel Distinctive in Any Culture (T. Nelson, 1986)
  • Charting a Good Church Trip (Brentwood Christian Press, 1995)
  • Revelation Across Cultures (Morris A. Inch, 1995)
  • A Case for Christianity (Tyndale House Publishers, 1997)
  • Exhortations of Jesus According to Matthew and Up From the Depths (University Press of America, 1997)
  • Sage Sayings (Picasso Publications Inc., 1997)
  • Chaos Paradigm: A Theological Exploration (University Press of America, 1998)
  • Man: The Perennial Question: Studies in Theological Anthropology (University Press of America, 1999)
  • Casey and Tonka (Encounters With the Cat World) (Morris Publishing, 2000)
  • Demetrius the Disciple (Morris A. Inch, 2000)
  • Devotions with David: A Christian Legacy (University Press of America, 2000)
  • Scripture as Story (University Press of America, 2000)
  • Two Gospel Motifs: The Original Quest & The Messianic Theophany (University Press of America, 2001)
  • The High God (Morris Publishing, 2001)
  • Why Take the Bible Seriously? (PublishAmerica, 2001)
  • Whispers of Heaven & Heaven According to Matthew (Xulon Press, 2002)
  • Twelve Who Changed the World (T. Nelson, 2003)
  • Two Mosaic Motifs: Freedom Trek & Gentiles Are Us (University Press of America, 2003)
  • Why Take Jesus Seriously? (PublishAmerica, 2003)
  • The Elder Brother: A Christian Alternative to Anti-Semitism (University Press of America, 2005)
  • God's Design & Man's (Politically Correct) Disorder (Fifth Estate, 2005)
  • Signature of the Spirit: According to Luke/Acts (iUniverse, 2005)
  • Matthew in the Messianic Tradition (University Press of America, 2006)
  • Service Is as Service Does (iUniverse, 2006)
  • Why Take the Church Seriously (PublishAmerica, 2006)
  • In Christ & On Track: The Essential Paul (University Press of America, 2008)
  • Potpourri: Common Sense & the Conspiracies Covenant Echoes Amos Still Speaks! (iUniverse, 2008)
  • Space/Time Odyssey: A Christian Perspective (AEG Literary Publishing Services Inc., 2009)
  • The Wonder of It All: Mystery & Meaning in Scripture (University Press of America, 2009)
  • Pain as a Means of Grace (Wipf & Stock, 2009)
  • The Enigma of Justice (Wipf & Stock, 2010)
  • Thumbs Up for the Family (Strategic Book Group, 2010)
  • Potpourri#2 (E-Book Time, 2011)
  • Echoes of the Schema and Our Father's Footprints (University Press of America, 2012)
  • Holy Spirit in Cross- Cultural Perspective (E-Book Time, LLC, 2012)
  • Metaphor in the Psalms (Purity Publishing, 2012)
  • A Christian Guide to Ethics (Resource Publications, 2013)
  • Reasoning Faith (E-Book Time, 2013)

Robert Blaschke (BD 1952)

  • Quest For Power: Guidelines For Communicating The Gospel To Animists (Guardian Books of Essence Publishing, 2001)
  • Une Question de Pouvoir: Communiquer l"Evangle aux Animistes (Editeurs de Litterature Biblique asbl, 2002)
  • En Pos Del Poder: Guia Para Compartir El Evangelio Con Animistas (Imprenta Biblica, Sociedad Biblica Boliviana, 2003)

Ralph E. Brown (M.Div. 1952)

  • A Blessed Big Day: Collected Christmas Poems (Doorlight Publications, 2011)

Harold Burchett (M.Div. 1952)

  • People Helping People: How Every Christian Can Counsel (Moody Press, 1979)
  • Healing for the Church: New Life for You and Your Church (Harold Burchett, 1989)
  • Spiritual Life Studies: A Manual for Personal Edification, 2nd ed. (Harold Burchett, 2000)
  • Last Light: Staying True through the Darkness of Alzheimer's (NavPress, 2002)
  • Bringing Christ Back (Harold Burchett, 2006)
  • Wisdom Words (Harold Burchett, 2008)
  • Bright Light: A Liftetime of Seeing God at Word (Bringing Christ Back Ministries, 2013)

Oral Edmond Collins (M.Div. 1953)

William L. Lane (M.Div. 1955)

W. Norman MacFarlane (M.Div. 1955)

  • Overfed and Undernourished (The C.S.S. Publishing Company, 1975)
  • Summit on Sinai: Sermons on the Ten Commandments (The C.S.S. Publishing Company, 1977)
  • A Third of a Century in the World’s Oldest Profession: Confessions of a Parish Minister (Fairway Press, 1992)

John Keith (M.Div. 1957)

  • The First Few Wars Are The Worst: His Grace Has No Measure (Canadian Baptist Ministries, 1998)
  • Wars Are Never Enough: The Joao Matwawana Story (BayRidge Books, 2005)

Donald Brown (M.Div. 1959)

Arnold Frank (M.Div. 1959)

Robert B. Lantz (BD 1959)

Donald Roberts (M.Div. 1959)

  • The Perfect Church (Christian Publications, 1979)
  • The Practicing Church (Christian Publications, 1981)
  • The Persevering Church (WestBow Press, 2017)