Shan Adoption Partnership (Southeast Asia)

Shan people sitting outdoors

The Trip

From mid-July to late August, a team of five Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary students will travel to Southeast Asia to serve among the Shan, an unreached people group living in that region of the world. Gordon-Conwell has adopted this people group and has been sending teams to the Shan since 2002. The team will spend six weeks experiencing Shan culture, living in a village, prayer walking, visiting markets and temples, and learning the language. The team will have the opportunity to do ethnographic research, learning more about the language and culture of the people, in order to determine the most effective strategies for reaching the Shan. Team members will be mentored by Gordon-Conwell alumni who are now living and serving among the Shan. Visit to learn more about the experiences of past GCTS Shan Teams.

The Team

The 2013 Shan Adoption OMP Team welcomes your prayers and support. Each team member is responsible for raising $3500 to cover the cost of the trip. Click here if you’d like to give a donation in support of the Shan Team. If you’re interested in learning more about the individual members of the team, please follow the links below to their specific web pages:

Shan village roadReflections from a Member of the 2009 Shan Adoption OMP Team

“This is a picture that was taken about three weeks into our trip, in a Shan village we were staying in for a few days.  Michael, our missionary friend, took us to the side of this road one day, and began to explain the picture we saw before us. 

"The road on the right, as you can see, was dry, hard, and bumpy.  It was, in a word, unpaved, making it very difficult for travelers. Michael explained to us that this road was being prepared to be paved, and that our prayers would do the same for the hearts of the Shan – hearts that have been hardened by centuries of idol worship, hearts that have been dry and thirsting for freedom from fear of spirits that would harm them – hearts that so desperately need the good news of Jesus Christ.  Our prayers would pave the way for the Gospel to be planted in their hearts.  And as Michael went on, we began to realize that prayer was not just the first thing we do in missions; it’s the first, second, and third thing we do in missions.”

Hae-Rin Choe, 2009 OMP Participant


The Story of a Shan Refugee

Deidox | Pii Chui from Deidox on Vimeo.