Overseas Missions Practicum FAQ's


Overseas Missions Practicum Answers

Q: Do I have to sign up for a class to go on OMP?
A: Yes, OMP is an official class of GCTS. Actually, it is two courses: the OMP orientation class (WM 720) which meets in the spring semester AND the summer experience (WM 721) which should be signed up for during Summer Session 1, regardless of when in the summer your OMP experience is scheduled. WM 720 and 721 are each worth 3 credits.


Q: Are the classes required for participation in OMP?
A: If you are in the MAME degree, yes. If you are in another degree program and do not need the credits you may register for an OFFICIAL AUDIT for the classes. However, every person who participates in OMP must attend the three weekend classes (either by audit or for full credit).


Q: Do only missions majors go on OMP?
A: No, actually the majority of students who participate are in the MDiv Missions Track or in the general MDiv degree program.


Q: Can I get Mentored Ministry credit for OMP?
A: Yes! All approved OMP projects are eligible for two mentored ministry credits with proper registration. See the Mentored Ministry Office for more details.


Q: Can the non-GCTS spouse of a GCTS student participate in the OMP program?
A: Yes. We believe that, whenever possible, couples should share together in such an important preparation for the mission field as OMP. However, the non-student spouse is still required to attend all sessions of the OMP orientation class and becomes a full member of the team and is therefore responsible for raising his/her support like everyone else.


Q: Can an OMP trip be scheduled during a semester other than summer?
A: Yes. But the OMP Orientation class (WM720) must be completed in the Spring semester prior to the trip, and the Wilson Center must give prior approval.


Q: Can I go on an OMP through a ministry that is not in regular partnership with the OMP program?
A: Yes.  See the Uttermost Parts page for more information about criteria.


Q: Where do I get the funds for the trip?
A: Each student is responsible for fund raising, although everyone is working to raise funds for their team as a whole. If you have never done this before, don't worry! The orientation class will address the topic of how to raise support. More information regarding support raising can be found here after you login. Also see next question.


Q: What is the OMP Fund?
A: The OMP fund is a common fund used to raise money to support all approved OMP projects. We raise money as a group, not as individuals. If one or two people in the group have shortfalls, the fundraising of the group will make up for it. In other words, it is a cooperative effort! Donations sent to the GCTS OMP fund become tax-deductible gifts. Funds raised in excess of costs will remain in the OMP fund. However, no money can be sent to Gordon-Conwell for your trip unless it is part of the OMP fund.
Most students find the OMP fund a wonderful provision to assist in going overseas. However, it is not required.  A student may prefer to raise money independently of the OMP fund, through their local church or through direct appeals. In this case, funds are raised individually, not for the team.


Q: When do I know whether I have been accepted to an OMP?
A: After you submitted your application and have gone through the interview process with Dr. Martindale, you will receive an acceptance letter around 2-3 weeks after your interview.


Q:Can I audit WM720 and WM721?
A: Historically students have been allowed to audit WM720. Students wanting an exception should ask Dr. Yao and David Ro. In terms of auditing WM721 the trip itself, it can be done but students have to register it as an official audit so that it shows up on their transcript. This is for insurance purposes. 
Q: When is the deadline for applications?
A: Applications for 2016 open on 19th November, 2015 and close on 20th January, 2016.


Q: Who should I talk to if I want to design my own Uttermost Parts OMP trip?
A: If you already have a place in mind and have read and understood the criteria behind designing an Uttermost Parts trip, please talk to Rev. David Ro at the Wilson Center as soon as possible to obtain approval.