Ministry Expedition

The Ministry Expedition is an overseas trip that applies wilderness lessons and theological training to the real world. From our home base in Managua, Nicaragua, we'll be immersed in a ministry setting that will take us deeper into an understanding of God, the world and ourselves than we've ever been before.

Questions You Might Be Asking

What if I don't speak Spanish?

  • Most of us don't, at least not much, so join the club! You don't have to speak someone's language to communicate with them. By the end of our trip, you'll know more than you did before, and you'll want to learn even more.

What will we be doing on the Ministry Expedition?

  • The Ministry Expedition is designed to focus on face-to-face ministry—being with people, interacting with them, listening to them, getting to know them, sharing the love of God with them. Compass partners with a variety of dynamic, multi-faceted ministries to children, youth, families and communities. You'll be taking leadership and envisioning your own methods and initiatives, so what we do exactly is up to you. 

What will I need to travel overseas?

  • We will provide a complete packing list when the time comes. One thing you will need for sure is a passport.

Why are we going overseas?

  • When you are in another culture, you learn things about the world that you could never learn otherwise. You learn things about yourself too. Being outside of your comfort zone stretches you in ways you would not otherwise be stretched. You'll have opportunities to touch lives in another part of the world, and when you return home, you can translate what you've learned and use it to minister to the people and cultures around you.

What other questions do you have about the Ministry Expedition? Don't hesitate to ask us!