The RMI is great and it’s intense, but it’s just one month. You’re going to need more than a month of even the best experiences, teachings and friends to help you grow for the long term. That’s why we want you to be mentored for the next three years. Actually, we want you to be mentored for the rest of your life.

High School Students

Think of someone you respect and admire. Imagine how much you could learn from them if you had the chance to meet with them regularly. Well, here’s your chance. Contact that person, tell them about Compass and ask them if they would consider being you mentor. This person can be your pastor, youth pastor or another leader in your church or community.

You are going to be making major decisions the next few years that are going to impact the rest of your life. Which school will you attend? Who will you marry? What will you do with your life? Even the little decisions you make every day make a big difference. You need people who have gone before you and who will walk with you. You want people who have learned life lessons and who have the freedom to share them with you.

Pastors, Youth Pastors and Other Adult Leaders

Think of a high school student who has potential for leadership and ministry. Compass offers the opportunity for you to enter into a meaningful mentoring relationship with them that can help them grow to maturity within the context of a structured program. Let them know what you see in them and explore how you can be a part of Compass together.  

Good mentoring takes time—lots of time—and we know you're busy. That's why we try to keep the Compass mentoring structure simple: Meet together regularly with your student until they graduate from high school, and then use email, phone calls, Facebook, holiday visits, etc as much as you can to maintain the relationship if the student moves away for college.  

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