2015 Compass Team Fundraising

This year’s Compass team is made up of 27 high school students from across the United States. These students are dedicating a large part of their summer to take part in leadership training and ministry service opportunities offered by Compass. As a result of their experiences this summer, they will be able to better lead and serve in their churches, in their communities, and in their world.

That is what Compass is all about, and we can’t do it without help. The Compass RMI costs us more than $4000 per youth, and we know we can only pass so much of that cost onto our future leaders before it becomes unaffordable for them. We only ask our students to raise a portion the cost, and we need gifts beyond that amount to pay for what the program actually costs.

Our team goal is to raise $100,000, which will help us subsidize the cost for all of this year’s students. Thank you in advance for helping us inspire the next generation of Christian leaders.


Support the Team!

The Compass team is at




of their goal of $100,000.

Members of the 2015 RMI during the Wilderness Phase.