Compass is a leadership development program for high school students featuring an intense month-long immersion component and an extended three-year mentoring component. We partner with churches, pastors, teachers, parents and other church leaders from across the country to identify youth for ministry, equip them for service and mentor them to maturity.

Calling High School Students

How would you like to meet people your age from across the nation who take their faith seriously and together backpack mountains, travel overseas and study theology—all in one month’s time—and then be mentored as you set the course for the rest of your life? That's what Compass is all about. Check it out by exploring the menu on the left and consider applying.

Calling Pastors and Churches

Do you know high school students who have a heart for God and potential for leadership and ministry? Compass is designed to help encourage them to pursue that passion and potential for leadership and service in the church and in the world. We need you to help us find them.


To learn more about Compass, explore the menu on the left or contact us anytime.

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