Alumni Hall and the Great Room Renovation

We are excited to begin construction on the Great Room and Old Book Centre, a project that will refresh both spaces into functional environments for students, faculty, alumni and local chuches to gather for conferences, banquets, board meetings, soul care and study. Dedicated to our alumni, this exceptional space honors those serving the mission of Gordon-Conwell by illuminating the light of Christ around the world.

Tell Us Your Story

Or tell us the story of another GCTS graduate. The purpose of Alumni hall is to reflect the glorious grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ – the Greatest in the cloud of witnesses that surrounds us – to students, visitors and the Gordon–Conwell community. We want to capture the way God works in the lives of our alumni - the "great cloud of witnesses" that surrounds Gordon-Conwell. Many narratives will be highlighted in print, online and in interactive displays outside of Alumni Hall. As you write, please consider the following questions:

How has God been using you (or an alum you know) since you left Gordon-Conwell?
How would you identify the sovereignty of God on behalf of the Kingdom in this story?
How has Gordon-Conwell had an impact on this story?

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Donate Books

Donate copies of your books (if you are an author) for the Alumni Library, adjacent to Alumni Hall. Send to: Rhonda Gibson, Director of Alumni Services, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, 130 Essex Street, South Hamilton, MA 01982.

Renovation Video